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The IAHR Asian and Pacific Division, in short IAHR-APD, is a regional division of the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research in the Asian and Pacific regions. The Division was founded in 1973. All the IAHR members residing in the regions are members of the Division.

The main objectives of the Division shall be:

  • to promote the science of hydraulics and its application in all relevant fields in the geographic regions;
  • to promote professional competence of individuals in the regions engaged in the development and application of the sciences to the hydrosphere; 
  • to contribute to the solution of regional problems in the field of hydraulics;
  • to provide a forum of exchange of information among researchers and practitioners in the regional community.

The Division's activities mainly include: 

  • organizational development of the Division's areas of endeavour;
  • conduct of regional congresses and conferences;
  • publication of monographs, proceedings of congresses, papers in the Journal of Hydraulic Research;
  • cooperation and co-ordination with other divisions and sections; 
  • provision of a regional clearing house for information related to all aspects of hydraulics and their practical application.

By-laws of IAHR-APD was formulated and adopted, in accordance with the IAHR Constitution and By-laws, in August 1982. The current By-laws was revised and adopted in November 1990.

All the IAHR-APD activities are organized and conducted by the Division Executive Committee, along with organizations in the field of hydraulics in the regions. The IAHR-APD Executive Committee consists of 9-12 members, including a chairman and a vice-chairman. The Secretariat of the Division will function as the postal address of the Division. The Division's EC, subject to approval of IAHR Council, shall select the location of the Secretariat.

IAHR-APD biennial regional congresses are organized every two years when no IAHR biennial congress is held, in one of the countries within the Asian and Pacific regions. The regional congresses shall be self-supporting financially, with the registration fees for members 20% less than for non-members.

The official language for the IAHR-APD biennial regional congresses shall be English.

IAHR Asian and Pacific Regional Division (IAHR-APD)
Tel: +82-31-9100-265 Fax: +82-31-9100-291 Email: wonkim@kict.re.kr
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